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Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement
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Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Foster City

A broken sewer line in your house can cause a number of unpleasant problems. If the issue isn’t fixed quickly, sewage could flood your yard or seep into your basement. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t fret. We offer several options for trenchless sewer line repair Foster City CA services, which require minimal digging and won’t destroy your landscaping.

Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc.

Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc. has been serving the Foster City region as a family-owned and -operated plumbing business since 1992. We handle every aspect of plumbing, including installations, replacements, repairs, and sewage line replacements and repairs. Our expert technicians are up-to-date on all the newest techniques and tools, so you can rest assured that your service will be completed successfully. All of our consultations and quotes are complimentary, and we’re always here to answer your concerns. 

Our Services

A few of the many plumbing services available from Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc. are:

Trenchless Sewer Lines Repair

Trenchless Sewer Lines Repair

Our team of highly trained specialists can repair your sewage system in a single day. When compared to conventional pipe repair techniques, our trenchless technology is quicker, more cost-effective, and less disruptive, allowing you to get back to enjoying your home sooner.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

It may be necessary to repair your sewer line if it has been weakened by tree roots or corrosion. We have trenchless equipment to replace your pipe without destroying your yard.

Commercial and Residential Services

Commercial and Residential Services

Trenchless sewer line repair and replacement is possible with the assistance of our trained staff. We are here for you whenever you need us, with free estimates and emergency assistance any time of day or night.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Process

To provide our trenchless sewage line services, we follow a straightforward procedure:


We will inspect your property in great detail to determine the current condition of your sewer systems. In addition, we will determine whether or not the pipes in your home need to be changed or if repairs can be made.  

Get the Job Done

We’ll work on your sewer pipes once we’ve decided what needs to be done. Pipe bursting, pipe lining, and directional drilling are just some of the trenchless methods we offer, and we can use them based on your requirements.


When the work is done, we’ll check its appearance and functionality. And we’ll show you how to keep your pipelines in good shape, so they never break down on you again.

Clean Up

After we finish, we’ll make it appear like nothing happened by thoroughly cleaning up the area. After that, you can go about your day as normal without worrying about any sewage issues.  

Why Choose Us?

Contact Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc., a full-service plumbing company, if you notice any cracks or leaks in your sewer line, and they will quickly repair the issue.

Emergency Assistance 24/7

Anytime is not a good moment for plumbing issues, and we get that. This is why we provide emergency support for our consumers around the clock.

Excellent Workmanship

We constantly strive to give you the best service possible. Our trained experts will deliver superior results from initial diagnosis to ongoing maintenance.

Customer Service

We place a premium on happy customers. If you employ us, you can rest assured that our technicians will treat your house like theirs and give you the highest quality service at every turn.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is perfectly acceptable, of course. Even a 20% complete system can be repaired using trenchless pipe lining. This technology can report the current drainage system if it has not completely collapsed.

Trenchless sewer line lining can range in price depending on where you live. Aside from that, the expense is affected by things like the pipe’s length, the damage’s extent, and the ease with which access is gained.

The procedure of trenchless pipe lining, also known as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, includes excavating your sewer line and inserting an epoxy lining into the damaged pipe to prevent leaks, cracks, and tree roots from entering your pipes.




Cool Facts About Foster City, CA

Foster City, California, is a community in San Mateo County. It boasts over 160 acres of park (21 parks within city limits) and open space land including walking & bike paths, dog exercise areas, a lighted softball field, numerous soccer and youth baseball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, picnic facilities, bocce ball courts, a wildlife refuge, and the multi-use San Francisco Bay Trail. Foster City locals can also take full advantage of the city’s lagoons by participating in water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, and windsurfing.

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