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Snaking vs. Hydrojetting

What drain cleaning method, drain snaking or hydro-jetting, is best?

It is essential that your home’s drain pipes always function properly. These drain pipes are responsible for carrying trash and contaminated water away from your residence or commercial property. Unfortunately, when pipes become obstructed, they are unable to function. This has severe implications for a home’s plumbing system. If clogged pipes are an issue in your home, you have two main options: hydro-jetting or drain snaking.

What Does a hydrojetting cleaning entail?

Hydro-jetting, commonly known as water-jetting, is a specialist drain and sewer pipe cleaning method. It employs a high-pressure hose with a specialized nozzle attached to its end. The nozzle is connected to a machine that pushes highly pressurized water through the hose in order to clean and unclog clogged sewer systems.

Is hydrojetting advised for all clogged drains?

Some pipes lack the strength to withstand the power of hydro-jetting. In these situations, a drain snake is preferable. An economical option, drain snake service employs a cable equipment to clear obstructions. Hydro-jetting is most effective for severe obstructions, such as tree roots inside the sewage line or a huge clog that does not react to other procedures.

Advantages of our Hydro-Jetting Service

The pipes inside your home are at risk of blocking and spilling if the sewage pipes are clogged. Whether you like it or not, maintaining the sewer lines on your property is your obligation. Hydro-jetting is the simplest and most effective method for clearing major obstructions. This approach is so popular and successful because it can cut through virtually anything, including wood, dry concrete, grease sticking to pipes, and bothersome tree roots. The pressured water is capable of pulverizing and flushing away almost any substance from the pipe. Another advantage of hydro-jetting is that it fully cleans pipes, leaving them crystal clear and ready to prevent future obstructions.

The advantages of Drain Snaking

Minor clogs that have not made it beyond the trap and far down the drain line can be easily removed using a drain snake. Homeowners who want to attempt to clear a clog before consulting a qualified drain cleaning service can also benefit from this method. Drain snakes, sometimes known as hand augers, are sold at home improvement stores like Home Depot and are a low-cost, simple-to-use alternative for the typical individual.

Which Is the Better Drain Clearing Option?

It varies entirely on the type of clog you have. Hydro-jetting is the only viable option for deep sewer line clogs. While drain snakes are effective on shallow obstructions, they are not a complete solution. The snake will not thoroughly clean the interior of the pipeline like the hydro-jetting device. Therefore, the obstruction will likely return after a few months. Hydrojetting cleans the pipe till it is as pristine as when it was installed.

Contacting expert plumbers in your area is the best approach to find the finest drain cleaning method for you. Call Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc immediately to book an appointment with a drain cleaning expert.