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Pipelining Services San Francisco

Trusted, Reliable Pipelining (Trenchless Technology) in the San Francisco Area.


If you’re having problems with your sewer pipes, you may need a professional plumber to offer assistance. Replacing underground sewer lines can be expensive and destructive to your landscaping and home. A common alternative is Pipelining (aka pipe relining or trenchless pipe lining) which rehabilitates your existing sewer pipe without the need for excessive digging and damage to your concrete/flooring/landscape. Other industry professionals refer to this work as cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP). This is where a new pipe is formed inside of an existing pipe with the use of a structural liner and/or resin made from epoxy or polymer. Pipe lining is in growing demand and homeowners are looking for affordable and less intrusive repair options for their damaged sewer line.

The process of pipelining with an epoxy layer will restore your existing pipe back to working condition allowing proper water flow. The epoxy coating has an impressive lifespan of ~50 years and it becomes a permanent fix for pipe leaks and potential pipe corrosion. You can do pipe lining for cracked, broken and/or offset sewer pipes. We can even pipe line when roots are found in the sewer line. Pipe lining is a great option if your home is on a concrete slab.
Unfortunately, if the sewer line is collapsed, pipe lining might not be an option. If the line is collapsed, you’ll need to opt for a spot repair of full sewer line replacement. We always recommend trenchless sewer line replacement if the sewer line needs to be replaced and pipe lining is not an option.
We offer pipe relining for your home or business, and are always available to answer your sewer problem FAQs.

Pipe Lining Service

Our plumbers at Discount Plumbing Rooter know exactly how to repair damaged sewer pipes – whatever the cause may be – and we promise to make them good as new. Relining is the process of creating a “pipe within a pipe” to restore the function and water flow. Our plumbers use reliable relining materials to mold the inside of the existing pipes to create a smooth, new inner wall. Often times, the process of relining doesn’t require digging into the ground and can be accessed through the building or home’s cleanout. However, if the problem is more extensive, we have the tools necessary to go underground to fix the problem. The need to reline pipes can come from several issues. No matter the problem, Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc’s relined-pipe process is seamless and durable while using materials that are non-hazardous.

How Do We Run Our Pipelining?

For sewer pipe relining services, we have one of the most efficient professional techniques available. Here is what will take place:

Sewer camera inspection – Upon arrival at your site, our pipelining technician will conduct a sewer camera check, and the video scan will reveal the pipe damage. We will provide insightful guidance on whether or not the sewer pipe can be relined.

Hydro jetting – if the sewage pipeline can be relined, we will use hydro jetting to clear it.

We will do a second video examination to determine whether or not there is any leftover buildup in the pipe.

We will use specialist equipment to insert the liner and resin into the old sewer pipe.

Inflate the liner – a special machine will be used to inflate and cure the pipeline. Having cured the pipe, our work is complete. We will clean the area before leaving.

If your sewage line in San Francisco or its surrounding areas is a few decades old or decaying, call Discount Plumbing Rooter at 650 991 7404 for cost effective pipelining services. Call us immediately to set up an appointment!

Common Sewer Line problems pipelining can solve

Problems with your pipes can be easy or complicated. Either way, it’s important to find and repair these issues before they cause any long-term damages or the sewer lines burst. Common issues can include:
If you think your sewer pipes may be damaged, you should call Discount Plumbing to get someone out there to do a camera inspection of your sewer line. Our plumbers can assess the situation easily and determine how to move forward.

When you’re faced with any kind of plumbing problems, you want the best to come in to fix the issue before it becomes a larger one, and Discount Plumbing Rooter can do just that. If you have questions, we have plumbing experts available 24/7 every day of the year to answer your sewer and drain problem questions. If it turns out that you need something addressed, such as a sewer line repair, you can trust in Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc to do it right and do it fast!


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