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Sewer Repair in San Francisco, CA

Affordable Sewer Repair Services in San Francisco, CA

Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc is the #1 choice for San Francisco sewer repairs! We specialize in sewer lateral replacement in San Francisco and surrounding cities since 1992. You can trust our team of highly trained engineering crews for all jobs relating to sewer lateral repairs, sewer spot repairs and trenches sewer line replacement. We work directly with homeowners and realtors with point-of-sale requirements for sewer lateral replacements in all cities throughout San Francisco County and San Mateo County. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable with each Cities specific standards, permitting processes and inspection requirements.

Sewer pipes in the Bay Area are often in poor condition due to age, original construction material and/or ground movement. If your home has recurring plumbing issues and frequent clogged drains, it could be due to an issue inside the sewer line beneath your home. Common issues include tree roots that have found there way inside the sewer line due to cracks and offsets in the pipe. Certain sewer pipe material is susceptible to cracking and if there are even the tiniest of cracks, tree roots will get inside. Offsets and breakages are also very common in sewer laterals. But not to worry, all of these problems are fixable and fast to repair!

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Sewer Line Repair Experts

We are experienced repairing and replacing all sewer pipe materials including cast iron, ABS, polyethylene, clay, terracota, etc. Construction on most SF Bay Area buildings took place many years ago which means many of the sewer lines are compromised and are in need of replacement due to ground movement, tree roots, and many other factors. Our experienced plumbers have seen it all and they know just how to fix a cracked sewer pipe and broken sewer line.

Sewer repairs always start with the proper diagnosis of the underlying issue. You can trust Discount Plumbing to perform a thorough sewer camera inspection and consult you on the best path forward. We will handle the entire process starting with providing a sewer camera inspection of your sewer line, followed by providing you a competitive sewer line repair estimate to fix the problem. No matter if it’s only a small section of sewer pipe that needs repair or if the entire sewer lateral needs replacement, we have the experience to get the job done.

We have plumbers available every day of the week with the proper equipment (sewer cameras and sewer locators) and the knowledge to provide a sewer lateral assessment and get your project completed in a timely manner.


Proven Sewer Repair Services

When you are evaluating plumbing companies to inspect your sewer line and eventually perform a sewer line repair, you want a professional company with years of experience. Every day we have multiple crews doing trenchless sewer lateral replacements and traditional trenched sewer lateral repairs. Don’t be fooled by a company that doesn’t have a trained crew and/or the resources and tools to get the job done right. The team performing your sewer repair shouldn’t have to rent tools or machines to repair your sewer line. Most sewer projects should not take more than a day (or a couple days) to complete. Our team completes over 80% of our sewer repair projects in just one day! 

Even with this fast service, we promise to get the job done professionally without cutting corners. We proudly use American-made products and materials whenever possible, especially with larger jobs like sewer line replacement. Quality always comes first which is why Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc is rated the #1 sewer lateral replacement plumber in San Francisco County and trusted by hundreds of Realtors!

Residential and Commercial Sewer Services

Discount Plumbing Rooter provides sewer services on both residential properties and commercial buildings. We are the sewer line experts in the Bay Area, trusted by both homeowners and property managers!  As part of our professional plumbing service, we provide free sewer camera inspections of your sewer line and if the pipe is damaged, our plumber can give you a price quote immediately using our pricebook software on our tablet. All our plumbing vans are stocked with the sewer tools necessary to repair your sewer pipes quickly. When you encounter a sewer backup, you need an experienced plumber to arrive within the hour to make sure there are no flooding drains. If the job is described as a main line clog or sewer line clog, our plumbers will arrive with a mainline snake and/or hydro jetting machine (ie. hydrojetter) so that the issue can be resolved on the first visit. A sewer backup is serious and needs to be addressed quickly!

Common sewer line clogs include main line backups, lower sewer lateral clogs, upper lateral clog and many more. One common sign of a main line clog is when you have multiple drains backed up in the household simultaneously (ex. Bathtub drain, shower drain, toilet, etc.). When there are multiple clogged drains, it usually means the problem lies deep inside the sewer system of your home.

Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc has the most extensive snake and hydrojet inventory in the San Francisco Peninsula. We have multiple Spartan Tool towable trailer jetters (ranging from 3000-4000 psi) and a few of the US Jetting high-pressure jetters with more than 5000 psi. Following the clearing of your sewer line, we will provide a complimentary sewer camera inspection of your sewer line to ensure all lines are fully cleared and water is flowing properly.


Sewer Repair Experts in San Francisco and San Mateo County

Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc is the premier San Francisco sewer line plumbing company to call! We are open 24/7, including nights, weekends and major holidays. Our family-owned business takes pride in honest, high-quality plumbing work. All sewer repairs are guaranteed and come with an extensive warranty. Repair your sewer line and rid yourself of the frequent drain clogs and plumbing visits.

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Sewer Repair in San Francisco
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