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Sewer Camera Inspection & Drain Videos

Sewer Line Camera Inspections in San Francisco and San Mateo County

At Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc. we use video camera sewer line inspections, to see the integrity of your sewer line and drain. Our state-of-the-art sewer camera technology allows us to expertly evaluate, diagnose and pinpoint the problem within your sewer line or the drain pipes inside your home. With the use of real-time video camera plumbing inspections, we can see the actual condition of your sewer pipes and also locate obstructions or breakages in the line.
Our sewer cameras are made from tough, flexible fiber optic cables allowing us to navigate the sewer pipe system. At the tip of the reel is a high-resolution video camera that transmits video and images back to the tablet for viewing. Inside the camera-head is a remote transmitter (sonde) device that allows for pinpointing the location of the sewer camera and fully tracing the sewer line while it’s inserted into the sewer drain pipe. This strong signal can be picked up through walls, concrete and even deep underground.
Use of these sophisticated tools allow our professionally trained technicians to precisely locate problems inside sewage lines such as cracks, offsets and tree roots in the sewer pipe. Once the problem has been located and diagnosed, a professional recommendation can be made to repair or replace the sewer line.

How To Perform a Sewer Line Inspection

Most properties have what’s called a “cleanout” where our plumbers can insert the sewer camera. If no cleanout is present, it’s common to remove a toilet and insert the sewer camera from there. It’s important to note that the sewer line (pipe) must be clear and draining to conduct a proper sewer line inspection. If the drain pipe is clogged, the video and images will be unclear, and it’ll be impossible to record a DVD of the sewer line. If the sewer pipe is blocked, we’ll first need to snake or hydrojet the line to remove the blockage and/or debris and get water flowing.
Afterwards, our trained technicians will insert the sewer camera into the sewer pipe and meticulously trace the entire sewer lateral system. The entire sewer line, including the upper sewer lateral and lower sewer lateral, will be thoroughly inspected and our technician will write a detailed report of all the findings. If a USB copy of DVD is being recorded, it will include commentary of any breakages, cracks or offsets detailing out the exact location (ex. Offset located 20 feet from the cleanout). We’ll provide you a copy of that video and in most cases we’ll also provide the sewer lateral inspection video and sewer lateral inspection report directly to the proper City officials or local Utility company to assist with your sewer compliance request.

Do I Need a Sewer Line Video Camera Inspection?

Sewer camera inspections are the best method to determine the root cause of your plumbing issue when it comes to drains and sewer lines. Instead of guessing what’s actually causing your recurring plumbing problem, you can see into the sewer pipe with the use of a sewer camera. Call our team of highly trained plumbers to quickly identify collapses in your sewer line, root intrusion from nearby trees, and/or normal deterioration of the sewer line due to age.
Following a plumbing service or before any large plumbing repairs are recommended, a sewer camera inspection should be the first step taken. Professional plumbers know that the proper way to diagnose a sewer line issue starts with a sewer camera inspection.
The following are the most common signs you need a sewer camera inspection:
If you are experiencing one or more of the common plumbing issues above, you should schedule a sewer inspection immediately. At Discount Plumbing, our sewer inspections are almost always included as a part of our services. These inspections are designed so that our team can help you determine what’s really causing your plumbing problems and show you firsthand the issue has been fully fixed. If the sewer camera determines there is a bigger issue, we can properly recommend a repair or replacement giving you the peace of mind that your sewer problems will be fully resolved.

Benefits of Routine Sewer Line Camera Maintenance

We strongly recommend routine sewer line maintenance services. Doing a yearly inspection of your sewer line system will help catch any problems before they become major problems. It’s common in the Bay Area to have tree roots and cracks in your sewer pipeline. Plus, many homes were built using outdated materials like Orangeburg, terracotta clay, galvanized steel and others that will need replacement at some point. You want to identify these hazards to prevent disastrous drain clogs and stop sewage wastewater from getting into the nearby groundwater surrounding your home.

Schedule Your Sewer Camera Inspection Today

At Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc we have professionally trained experts in video camera plumbing inspections. After the inspection, our professional staff will consult you on the sewer repairs we recommend to bring your sewer line up to a reliable standard. It’s best to get ahead of any issues before they become a major liability for you and your home.

Call us today for your professional sewer camera inspections! We offer same-day services and have the largest staff of plumbers ready for your call! Dial 650-850-5151​ or schedule service online today!

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