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Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

If you have a sewer problem and need your sewer line replaced, you probably don’t want large holes (trenches) dug into your landscaping, garage and/or driveway. These types of projects take weeks of construction time and are expensive. Instead, you should opt for trenchless sewer line replacement! Compared to digging trenches to expose your entire underground sewage system, we simply dig a few holes to load our equipment and replace your old sewer line with a brand new line! Trenchless technology allows us to replace your sewer line without causing major damage to your property. 

A sewer problem can occur at both residential and commercial properties. Indications of a sewer line problem include cracks in the sewer pipe, bellies in the sewer line, recurring drain clogs, flooding garage drains, and when multiple drains inside the home backup at once. Call the experts at Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc at 650-850-5828 to inspect your sewer line and consult you on next steps!

How Does Trenchless Replacement Work?

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement is where an old damaged sewer line is replaced with a new sewer line without the need for digging an open-trench and exposing the entire sewer line. Before the trenchless sewer method was invented, the entire sewer line had to be dug up in order to be replaced. But not any more! With trenchless sewer line replacement, we can easily repair your damaged sewer line without the need for excessive digging and damage to your property. During this service, we will simultaneously burst the old pipe and pull the new pipe into position, thus reinstating your sewer line to near perfect condition!

Prior to the trenchless pipe replacement project starts, we’ll ensure the sewer pipe is clear of any blockages. Sometimes that means using a hydrojet machine with 3000-4000 psi to blast away any debris or drain clogs. Once the pipe is clear, we’ll use our hydraulic machines to pull a new pipe into position and permanently fix your sewer problems! Following the replacement of your sewer line, we will use a sewer camera to inspect your sewer lateral to ensure water will flow properly and that all tie-ins are connected.

Most trenchless sewer jobs follow these steps:

  • Pull permits with the City prior to start
  • Mark USA and Utilities to prevent damaging other underground lines (PG&E, Water, Cable/Internet, etc.)
  • Setup traffic control day of the job
  • Dig and expose sewer line near the garage or foundation of the house
  • Dig and expose sewer line near the property line to expose City wye connection
  • Haul away unneeded dirt, earth and debris with dump truck
  • Load hydraulic pipe-pulling machine into trenches
  • Burst old sewer line and pull new 4” SDR17 polyethylene sewer line into position
  • Install new ABS cleanout at City required location
  • Backfill trenches and compact soil
  • Replace concrete and/or other material
  • Pass all required City Inspections throughout the process (and obtain Compliance Certificate when applicable)

Is Trenchless Sewer Replacement Right For You?

Most sewer line repairs and replacements are suitable for the trenchless sewer line replacement method. Trenchless sewer line replacement is great for sewer lines that have cracks in the sewer pipe which have allowed roots into the sewer line. Another common reason for trenchless work is when there are offsets in the sewer joints due to ground movement. We have lots of ground movement in the Bay Area, so it’s very common for a sewer line to shift and break over time. And unfortunately some of the older materials used for sewer lines, like clay, terracota and Orangeburg pipe, have become severely damaged over time and need full replacement. All of the above examples make you a candidate for trenchless sewer line replacement.

There are only a few cases where trenchless sewer line replacement is not a suitable choice. One common scenario is when your sewer line has a belly, dip or bend. A belly in the sewer line cannot be fixed with trenchless sewer line machinery. Another reason you might not be eligible for trenchless would include a sewer pipe that is very shallow (ie. not deep underground) or if the section of pipe is shorter than five to ten feet in length. In these scenarios, a traditional open trench sewer repair is a better option to fix your sewer line.

Frequently Asked Questions - Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Q: Does Trenchless Sewer Replacement cost more than traditional sewer repairs?

A: No. In most cases, trenchless jobs are less labor intensive than exposing the entire sewer line. This reduction in labor costs saves you money on the project price!


Q: Is Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement allowed in my City?

A: Yes. All Bay Area cities have approved this method of sewer repair.


Q: How long does a Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement job last?

A: Most jobs take only one day to complete. Larger jobs or those that require additional inspections could last longer.


Q: Is Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement safe and effective?

A: Yes. This method for replacing and repairing sewer lines is the most common method used today. 


Q: How long do Trenchless Sewer materials last?

A: Most pipe manufacturers warranty their materials for 25 years.

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