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Hybrid Water Heater Installation and Repair

If you are looking for a way you can lower your monthly water heater bills, consider upgrading to a hybrid water heater. Hybrid water heaters are also called Heat Pump water heaters and can help you significantly lower your monthly energy costs. At Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc., we provide professional Hybrid Water Heater Installation and Repair in San Francisco, CA, and surrounding areas. Our installations and repairs are done by experienced plumbers, so your fixture will be back up and running in no time. Not sure which type of water heater is right for your building? Have Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc. come out to survey the situation and assess your water heating needs. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

What Exactly Is A Hybrid Water Heater?

A Hybrid Water Heater, also known as a Heat Pump Water Heater, combines everything we love about a standard water heater with the benefit of an energy-efficient heat pump. A hybrid water heater works like a refrigerator but in reverse. While a refrigerator removes heat from an enclosed box and releases it to the surrounding air, a hybrid water heater capturers the heat from the surrounding air and then transfers it to the water in an enclosed tank. It then blows out the cooler air. Since it moves heat from one place to another rather than generating heat directly, it is a more efficient way to heat water.

What Is A Heat Pump?

A Heat Pump is an energy-efficient alternative to other types of home heating systems, such as a natural gas furnace or electric baseboards. Heat Pumps are powered by electricity and transfer heat using refrigerants. Heat pump water heaters use heat from outside air drawn into the appliance’s evaporator coil. The evaporator coil contains refrigerants, allowing it to absorb heat from the air. Finally, a heat exchanger heats water within the tank to the desired temperature before it passes from the heater tank into your home’s showers, faucets, and large appliances.

When to Choose a Hybrid Water Heater: Benefits of Installing Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters are a good option for homeowners looking to reduce their water heating bills. Here are some benefits of installing a hybrid water heater:

How Does Hybrid Differ From Gas & Tankless Water Heaters?

There are a lot of differences between tankless water heaters and hybrids, from installation and operating costs to energy efficiency, but it can be difficult to make a decision about what type of water heater to have installed.  Here are the various ways hybrid water heaters differ from gas and tankless:

Hybrid Water Heater Brands We Service: Rheem Hybrid Water Heaters

At Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc., we strongly recommend Rheem when it comes to hybrid water heaters. Rheem is one of the most popular brands of water heaters throughout the United States. The company has an impressive line of products, so you can find a good model no matter the size of your household or business. The Rheem Hybrid Electric Water Heater can be up to four times more efficient than a standard electric water heater. The unit comes with a water leak detection system and an automatic shut-off valve. It allows you to use your smartphone to control the water heater settings, monitor your energy consumption, and ensure there is enough hot water before you take a shower.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hybrid Water Heaters

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