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Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Redwood City

We know that when a sewer line breaks, water can flood your home. This rapid accumulation of water can cause extensive property damage. As experts in sewer line repair and replacement Redwood City, we can swiftly end your leaking and flooding issues. We use cutting-edge equipment and methods to identify and resolve a problem’s root cause.

Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc.

Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc. is a family-owned and operated plumbing service company that has proudly served the Redwood City area since 1992. Our high quality of service reflects our commitment to excellent customer care at an affordable price. Our plumbers are available 24/7, so you can count on us for any plumbing emergencies, sewer repairs, and more!

Our Services

Call us today for a dependable and affordable sewer line repair Redwood City service. We offer many different kinds of plumbing services, such as:

Residential and Commercial Services

Residential and Commercial Services

We offer several services to both residential and commercial customers. Our plumbing technicians are trained to handle all your sewer line repair Redwood City needs, including fixing leaks, spot repairs, and installing new fixtures.

Affordable Sewer Line Replacement

Affordable Sewer Line Replacement

We're fully committed to providing our customers with the best sewer line replacement Redwood City CA offers. We aim to provide quality service at affordable rates. We offer the best possible service while keeping our prices low.

Trenchless Sewer Line Techniques

Trenchless Sewer Line Techniques

We use trenchless sewer line techniques to provide our customers the best possible service. Our technicians are trained to use the latest technology and equipment, so we can install new lines without disturbing your property or causing damage.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Process

We want to ensure that the process is simple and hassle-free when you need your sewer line replaced.


Our team will inspect your sewer line. We will provide an estimate if you require a new pipe, including all associated material and labor costs.


We will replace your existing sewer line with one that meets all current building codes. You can rest knowing that your infrastructure is protected and compliant in this manner.

Final Test

We will conduct a final inspection to ensure the area is tidy and ready for use.

Clear Up

We will sanitize the area and ensure it is safe for your family.

Why Choose Us?

At Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc.,we take pride in the quality of our work, and each team member is dedicated to performing our job with care.

24-Hour Service

We understand that emergencies happen anytime, and we can help you 24 hours a day. We offer 24/7 service so you can get the plumbing repair or installation services as soon as possible.

Quality Work

We believe in doing quality work, which is why our technicians undergo extensive training and continue their education by attending seminars on new techniques. We also use the latest technology to help us find issues and resolve them quickly.

Customer-First Experience

Our customers come first, and we go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction with our service. We strive to provide fast, efficient plumbing repairs and installations while treating your home as our own.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to know is to have it checked by a professional. From there, they can determine whether or not the pipe needs to be repaired or replaced.

Yes! For pipe repair or replacement without disruption, our trenchless repair method is ideal. A small camera moves through the pipe to find problems.

The extent of damage determines how long it takes to repair your main sewer line. If there is only a small crack in the pipe, it could take as little as an hour. On the other hand, if there is extensive damage or corrosion, it can take several days.




Cool Facts About Redwood City, CA

Redwood City is about 27 miles from San Francisco and about 6 miles from Stanford University, placing it smack in Silicon Valley. It is well-known for its pleasant temperature and a strong sense of community and for being a hub for the high-tech industry. The Pulgas Water Temple in Redwood City is a beautiful and photogenic stone building built in 1934 to honor the completion of the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct, which supplies San Mateo County with its drinking water.

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We will discount your sewer line replacement and repair by $500 if you contact us immediately at 650-991-2100. Additionally, we offer 10% discounts to members of the military and senior citizens; please visit our website for more information.


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