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Gas vs Electric vs Hybrid Water Heater

We need hot water every day. We use it for a lot of things like cleaning and bathing. This is true even in states like San Francisco where the weather stays relatively warm compared to other areas.
So, if your hot water system breaks, it can be considered an emergency. However, these appliances can take years to break. Because of this, you may no longer be updated with the different water heater types when it’s time to choose a replacement.
Making the right choice depends on several factors, like your needs, budget, and energy efficiency goals.
With more choices between gas, electric, and hybrid than before, let us help you decide.

The Three Types of Water Heaters

There are three types of water heaters to choose from: gas, electric, and hybrid.

Are Gas Water Heaters The Best?

Heating Pipes
For long-term cost savings and hot water availability, gas-powered hot water systems are the best choice. They’re cheaper to operate and hot water is always available from the tap. You may even apply for federal or local energy rebates.
However, installation of these water heating systems isn’t always possible. There might not be a gas line available. Also, there may not be enough ventilation in your household. The upfront costs are also higher compared to their electric equivalents.

When Electric Water Heaters Are The Better Choice

Tank vs. Tankless Electric Water Heaters
In certain states, you can apply for a rebate by switching from a gas-powered heated water system to an electric one. However, this isn’t the only savings cost.
Electric hot water supply systems are safer since it doesn’t involve lines. This makes this water heater type easier to install and more affordable. Finally, the upfront costs are substantially lower.
Unfortunately, their impact on your electricity bill is significant. In areas with higher electricity rates, the cost savings compared to the upfront costs of a gas heater are negligible, even if you buy an energy-efficient model with a heat pump.

What Makes Hybrid Water Heaters Different?

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater
Using a combination of electric and heat pump technology, hybrid hot water distribution systems achieve the best of both worlds. They don’t consume as much energy. Thus, the impact on your electricity bill is minimal. This type of system may also qualify for a larger energy rebate compared to electric.
As always, there’s a catch. In the case of hybrid hot water solutions, the upfront cost is the highest. These heater systems also require installation by an experienced professional and regular maintenance.
But, if you’re willing to pay the premium, this is generally the best choice. Check with your local plumbers to see if they’re certified to handle the fitting and care of these systems.

Choosing The Right Water Heater For Your Needs

Many factors come into play when choosing a hot water production system for your home.
To make a proper decision, consider these points:

  • Fuel source availability and cost: Certain states have access to affordable gas with gas lines for residential use while others may enjoy lower electricity rates. The former is best for gas-powered systems and the latter is the better choice for electric water heaters.
  • Hot water usage: Electric hot water supply systems can’t keep up with the demand of larger households that require constant access to hot water. In these situations, gas or hybrids are better.
  • Budget: In terms of upfront costs, electric is the cheapest, followed by gas, and then hybrid. As for regular use and maintenance, it depends on the availability and the price of gas and the rates of electricity in your area.
  • Space limitations: Gas and hybrids take up a decent amount of space. Electric hot water suppliers consume the least amount of space.
  • Climate: You’ll want to cross hybrid heating solutions on your list if you live in colder climates. They are generally less efficient when the temperature drops closer to below freezing.

Why Professional Installation Matters

At the end of the day, the water heating solution you choose matters less than the professional who will install it.
Do not attempt to install these complicated appliances yourself. A professional can guarantee your safety and bring the following benefits:

  • Building code adherence – Local licensed plumbers guarantee that installing the water heater complies with the plumbing and safety codes in your state.
  • Warranty compliance – Certain manufacturers require work to be done by a recognized contractor. Otherwise, you risk voiding the warranty.
  • Peace of mind – You can’t put a price on knowing that the job is done by a trained expert in the plumbing industry.

Choose The Right Water Heater Today

It’s easier to make an informed decision if you know the pros and cons of the three main water heater types. Remember, the ideal heated water solution is the one that fits your needs and budget best.
Regardless of your choice, a licensed plumbing professional ensures safe, efficient, and code-compliant water heater installation. Call us today at Discount Plumbing Rooter, Inc., to assist you with every step of the purchase.
We have a team of ready and able industry experts to help you solve your home’s hot water needs based on your preferences.