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Discount Plumbing Rooter is a plumbing company offering plumbing services to residential and commercial customers in Daly City, CA. Call today to schedule an appointment with a plumber near you in Daly City.

We are unique from other companies in that we are team-oriented. Many large commercial projects require more than just an experienced plumber, which is why we assign project managers, superintendents, and office personnel to each job. We’re able to schedule same-day appointments, and we always show up when we say we will, which helps us stay on schedule and on budget.

Our Local Plumbers In Daly City Get The Job Done 1st Time

Commercial Plumbing We serve commercial clients in the Daly area who require heavy-duty drain cleaning and grease removal. We have a large fleet of commercial drain cleaning trucks and some of the best-trained drain cleaning technicians in Daly City. Our technicians are ready to handle all of your drain cleaning and grease removal requirements. For Daly City plumbing jobs involving the toughest blockages, we use the latest water jetting equipment.

Residential Plumbing
We provide a whole range of residential plumbing services in the Daly City area. If you need a quick fix for your toilet, drain, shower or kitchen sink, or you need to declog your clogged toilet, our plumber will come to your rescue with a single call. We have been providing quality plumbing for the homeowners of Daly City for a long time. We are considered among the most reliable residential plumbers in the town. Let us know when you need plumbing services.


Hydro Jetting
Are you looking for Hydro Jetting Services in the Daly area that can easily unclog a severely clogged sewer line? We use hydro jetting technology to clean sewer lines and also underground pipes. By using this procedure, you can clear your drains and sewer system quickly, easily, and effectively. It can also be used to repair any cast metals, remove grease, and remove roots from the drain system. 

Hydro-jetting is the only method for cleaning storm water drains blocked by silt and sediment. Electric sewer machines simply bore through the drain leaving behind the dirt when the cable is removed. By using a hydro-jet, the dirt is penetrated and flushed out of the drain in one action. Using water pressure up to 2500 psi, these techniques have been used in practically every industry when cleaning and descaling.

Toilets, Sinks, Faucets & More

Toilets, sinks and faucets can all be installed or repaired by us. If your old faucet needs to be replaced, we can do it. Our service is comprehensive when it comes to toilets and sinks. You can get great quality, modern toilets, sinks and faucets at an affordable price.

Sewer Camera Inspection

We have been inspecting sewer lines for quite a while. We can find clogs, leaks and other problems with sewer lines. If you suspect your sewer is clogged, we can inspect it to see what is clogging it. After the problem has been detected and the location of the clogs determined, our team will be able to arrive and take care of the issue. If you need sewer camera inspection, please let us know.

Water Heater

We can fix all types of water heater problems. Contact us if your water heater is not working right. In case your water heater does not heat up water, the boiler is making too much noise, the boiler is leaking water, it is smelling or it does not turn on, we will come to your house and look at the heating system to determine what is wrong and fix it immediately. Let us know if you need water heater services from us.

Gas line Repair & Replacement

The gas line leak presents quite a danger to home and property owners. If you detect gas, call local emergency services as soon as possible. We can locate the leak and repair it as soon as possible. Old gas lines have a higher risk of leaking in the future. If your gas lines are old, we may be able to offer you a replacement service.

Residential And Commercial Plumber Daly City, CA


We are skilled plumbing  professionals who ensure that the water, gas, and sewage systems are working properly in a your building or home. Call us to to fix or repair leaks in pipes. We can help you with plumbing emergencies such as water leak detection, fix burst water pipes, clogged drains, toilets that won’t flush and other plumbing issues. Plumbing problems can be costly if left untreated for long periods of time. The problem could worsen and cause flooding at home or business with no access to clean running water! If you need repairs or an emergency service call please give us a call today!


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