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Discount Plumbing Rooter of San Francisco, CA services a variety of plumbing issues at a fair price without sacrificing quality. You can contact us when you need plumbing services from professionals you can rely on. If you have a plumbing problem, our staff will be ready to solve it. We serve both commercial and residential clients.

In San Francisco, we have assisted many residents and businesses with their plumbing needs. We are the company that customers call when they need a faucet replaced or a leak repaired. We believe in being there for our customers from beginning to end. When you need plumbing services in San Francisco, you can be confident that you are receiving the best possible service because we back our service and products with a legitimate warranty.

Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc are the leading plumbers in San Francisco for over 30 years. We can solve any plumbing problem that you have with your kitchen, bathroom or other parts of the house. We can also help you with faucet repairs, sewers, water heaters, and plumbing emergencies. You can call a Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc even on a holiday. When it comes to price, don’t worry because there is always someone available that is affordable without breaking your bank account.

We have been providing exceptional service to the Bay Area for years and have a flawless reputation for being knowledgeable, prompt, and professional. Not only do we provide excellent service, but they also offer affordably-priced solutions so you can rest assured that your money will go as far as possible. Discount Plumbing Rooter Incr has all types of experience including repairing leaks and installing new fixtures like sinks, tubs, toilets and faucets. They also specialize in sewer clearing services which typically involve jetting equipment such as Hydro-Jetting  to clear any blockages that may exist down there in order to free up the flow of water through your pipes again! If you’re tired of dealing with leaky faucets or clogged drains then Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc is the company for you!

Call the plumbers in San Francisco you can rely on for over 30 years!

Leak Detection – 

The purpose of leak detection is to find leaks and fix them. Leaks might be obvious in the form of flooding, a moist floor, or a cracked wall. Other leaks might be hidden from sight. The leaks may cause damage to your home’s foundation, walls, or floorboards. We have the equipment required to fix or replace leaking pipe sections. If the leaks are repaired correctly, your home should be damp-free.

Pipe Replacement – 

Many older homes have damaged or deteriorated pipes. It’s best to repipe your pipes if they’re more than 20 to 30 years old, leaking, clogged, making noises, and not providing enough water pressure. Minerals and silt tend to accumulate in pipes over time. Clogged pipes are difficult to clear, and they have less water pressure than a freshly unclogged line. Showers, kitchen faucets, and bathroom faucets are likely to have poor water flow. You may experience gurgling noises, foul smelling water, and discolored water if your pipes are clogged and mineral content has accumulated. We are authorized to replace all of your pipes with enhanced pipe material that can easily last you a decade or more. Repiped pipes in your home or business can improve water flow, reduce leaks, and increase water consumption.

Hydro Jetting – 

We use Hydro Jetting technology to unclog sewer lines and also underground pipes. If you’re looking for Hydro Jetting Services in the San Francisco area, we can help. With this method, you can clear your drains and sewer system quickly, easily, and effectively. It can also be used for repairing cast metal, removing grease, and removing roots from the drain.

When silt and sediment have built up in stormwater drains, hydro-jetting is the only way to clear them, as electric sewer machines can only remove the dirt once the cable has been removed. In a hydro-jet, the dirt is penetrated and flushed out of the drain in one action. Using water pressure up to 2500 psi, these techniques are commonly used in practically every industry for cleaning and descaling.

Toilets, Sinks, Faucets & More – 

We can install or repair toilets, sinks, and faucets with excellent quality and at an affordable price. If your old faucet needs to be replaced, we can replace it. Our service includes both modern and quality toilets, sinks, and faucets.

Sewer Camera Inspection – 

Throughout the years, we have been inspecting sewer lines and finding leaks, clogs, and other issues related to sewer lines. If you suspect your sewer is clogged, we can inspect it to find out what is causing it to become clogged. Our team will be able to address the problem as soon as the problem has been detected and the location of the clog has been determined. If you need sewer camera inspection, please let us know.

Water Heater – 

Whenever your water heater stops working properly, contact Discount Plumbing Rooter of San Francisco. We can fix all kinds of water heater problems. Our technicians will inspect your heating system if your water heater does not heat water, your boiler is making too much noise, your boiler is leaking water, it is smelling or it does not turn on. We will then determine what is wrong and fix it immediately. Contact us if you need water heater services.

Gas line Repair & Replacement – 

In the event of a gas line leak, call local emergency services as soon as possible. We can locate the leak and fix it as soon as possible. Old gas lines are more likely to leak in the future. If your gas lines are old, we may be able to replace them.

Drainage System Repair – 

You can call Discount Plumbing Rooter of San Francisco when your drainage system has a problem. We can fix any sink, shower, toilet, or waste water disposal item that is inefficient draining. If you have a rotten odor or backups in your sewage system, we can help too. If you require plumbing services in San Francisco, give us a call today. You may save time and protect your family’s health by repairing your drainage system properly.

Residential And Commercial Plumbing

Our team will handle any plumbing issue you might be experiencing, no matter how big or small it is. Plumbing services offered include drain cleaning, toilet installation, pipe repair and much more. For all your plumbing needs, call Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc!


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We are often called to fix leaks or replace old plumbing. Some of the most common jobs for our San Francisco plumbers include installing new faucets and sinks, fixing clogged drains and toilets, replacing old water heaters, and fixing leaky pipes. Our Plumbers also install sinks and fixtures like bathtubs, showers, toilets, faucets and other plumbing fixtures. We can replace or repair leaky pipes in your home or business. Maybe you need a new pipeline installed under your building.


Discount Plumbing Rooter Inc San Francisco is a respected service provider for both residential and commercial clients in the City of SF. We offer top quality services from highly rated plumbers in the city of SF. Our team will handle any plumbing issue you might be experiencing, no matter how big or small it may be. If you are looking for quality service with fast response time to solve your plumbing needs then call us today!


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